The simple answer is a licensed and trained Medicare Representative such as Answers About Medicare are paid directly from the insurance company that your plan is written with.  None of the amounts we are paid come from your policy or effect any of the benefits you are entitled to.  All we do is work with you to determine the best program for your needs.

First, not all health insurance agents can sell or offer advice on certain Medicare Plans.  Specifically, to advise on Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, a very difficult and challenging study  program is administered by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) a division of the Health and Human Services Agency and it must be passed every year with a score of 90% or better.  This testing procedure eliminates a considerable number of agents.

Next, each insurance company requires a certain amount of additional studying and testing after the initial CMS training, to be completed on their plans and programs to make certain that the licensed representative is presenting each plan legally and ethically sound.   There is absolutely no pressure or misleading sales tactics allowed.  This is strictly enforced and can carry civil as well as criminal penalties.

When choosing to work with a Licensed and Trained representative it is important to make certain that they are an independent representative.  This means that they are licensed and appointed with quite a few insurance companies and are not limited in choices as is the case with a Captive representative who is affiliated or appointed with only one or two companies.

An Independent Medicare representative or broker will be able to review all your options available and search the marketplace for a plan that most closely fits you and your individual needs.

When you decide to use a Licensed and Trained Medicare representative or broker, they get paid by the insurance companies.  You will not pay any more or less than if you called the insurance company and purchased directly from them.  There is absolutely no extra fee or money for using an independent Medicare trained and licensed representative.

Here is the outline of our process:

  • First–Contact our Medicare Experts using this site
  • Secondly–We compare Rates and Plans For You
  • Third–With our help we show you a variety of options to choose from
  • IMPORTANT–We are paid by the insurance company directly–NOT with your funds
  • Continued Back office support with over 64 internal staff trained to help you when you need it.

Why should you use Answers About Medicare?  We are a unique company that specializes in the appropriate plans that Seniors can choose from.  Our process is one of keeping your needs first and foremost in our procedures.  We are of the old belief… “You can’t put a square peg in a round hole”.  In other words if it doesn’t fit your needs than basically it’s useless.

We have back-office support that is unrivaled in America.  There are over 60 trained staff to help with any issues or “hiccups” in your program that we help you choose.  We eliminate worries and stress that you might have when it comes to insurance programs.

While every situation is different and there is no guarantee all issues outcomes, we will fight for you and your rights.  Our back-office staff have been in place for over 30 years.

One thing we have noticed, the 2021 Guide to choosing a Medigap policy from the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) can be quite daunting to say the least.  We specialize in breaking down the complicated and very confusing subject and making certain you understand what the benefits are and how they can really help you.

Main Reasons to Use a Licensed and Trained Representative

We would hope that you use Answers About Medicare, however if you don’t choose to use us, please know regardless of who you use:

  1. Rates will not change by using a Licensed Representative
  2. Representatives are not paid with your money
  3. Licensed Representatives have access to research with regards to rate changes and financial security of the insurance companies
  4. Independent Licensed and Trained Representatives have no bias or prejudice on the insurance program to offer to you. All recommendations are based on your needs and wants.

Answers About Medicare are specialists representing all of the major carriers of Medicare Advantage Plans, Prescription Drug Cards, Indemnity Plans, and of course all the major carriers of Medicare Supplement or Medigap Plans.

We are an independent licensed and trained Medicare representative agency.  We specialize in only Medicare Plans and have your specific needs in mind when we are researching all the available options for you.

How can I know that I am not getting the largest commission company versus one that is more appropriate for my needs?

This is probably the most asked question we get.  First, we are not new agents in the business.  We have been in business selling insurance programs for over 30 years.  What good would it do us as a business if we wrote only high commission products?  Another broker could come in behind us and replace that business and we wouldn’t benefit at all.

Consider this, experience counts.  You want someone working for you with the experience we have and the back-office support that we have.  You have a lot of individuals to work with and we hope that you will consider us for your one-stop shop when it comes to Medicare programs and ancillary benefits.